October 25, 2014

Morris Family

So glad we had the chance to see our good friends and meet their new little guy Rowan! We sure do miss going on double dates with them! Love seeing their sweet girl Eden who has become so chatty and has such much sass! Love her! They are always so much fun to shoot and I always come out with so many favorites from every session I do for them! 

Vaughn and Larkin

As always, it is such a treat to see and shoot these guys! I sure miss going over once a month to my lovely aunts house and enjoying the yummy and amazing dinners she prepares! And not to mention photographing all these sweet faces! Sessions with these folks are always so fun and such a dream!

Not sure what this face here is for, but so adorable and hilarious! 

October 23, 2014

Michelle and Josh

So excited that my girl Michelle Belle is getting married!! And so glad I finally got to meet her man Josh! Can't wait for their big day! xoxo

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