October 23, 2014

Michelle and Josh

So excited that my girl Michelle Belle is getting married!! And so glad I finally got to meet her man Josh! Can't wait for their big day! xoxo

October 21, 2014

Michael and Ayla

As promised, today I share more pictures from our short, sweet and busy Utah trip! The main reason we were in Utah was for the wedding of my husbands sister, Ayla. For an October wedding the weather could not have been more perfect! And we are so happy to welcome Michael into the family! Love these two! Bear and I are so glad we were able to make it out and be part of their special day! 

October 20, 2014

Tadje 2014

I love shooting this family every time! This is my third time now shooting for them, my first in 2009, in 2012, and then this year we squeezed in a quick session during my short trip to Utah. It is crazy to think it's been nearly a year and a half since I had been in Utah! I have sure missed my home state. It squeezed in 6 sessions in 4 days! One of those being a wedding! Needless to say, I am drowning in photo editing! But chipping away at it and getting close to being done! Lots of pictures will be shared here over the next week or two!

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